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Sea Eagle is a well know manufacturer of inflatable boats of all kind and they have two very popular inflatable canoes.  Basically these two canoes are identical except for size.  One is slightly larger than the other.

Of all the inflatable canoes on the market, this one is by far my favourite for several reasons.  Although it is an excellent quality inflatable boat it does have a couple of disadvantages that you should be aware of as well.

Below I will go through the pros and cons of the Sea Eagle canoe as well as my own opinion of this model.

Sea Eagle Canoe Pros and Cons

Pros:  What I love most about this model is the fact that it gives you a lot for your money.  It is very well constructed and the material is super durable and strong.  Consequently it comes with Sea Eagle's standard three year warranty that they are famous for.

This canoe is also very versatile.  It can be paddled with either canoe paddles or kayak paddles on rivers, lakes or along the ocean shoreline and is light enough to bring with you anywhere you want to go in the world.

It can seat two people but the seats can also be moved to accommodate solo paddling as well.  Even though it only weighs 26 lbs. it has a load capacity of 500 lbs. which is amazing given its size.  This says a lot how strong this inflatable is.

For very little money you are able to choose from two packages which include the canoe, two paddles, a foot pump, two seats, a storage bag as well the repair kit.  There are no other inflatable canoes that offer this much for one great package price.

Cons:  As with just about any model there are also a couple of disadvantages.  For one thing the fact that this canoe is so versatile makes it a jack of all trades but a master at none.  In other words it will paddle fine but won't be the best performer in the water.

Also the smaller model (the 330) is capable of seating two people, but unless you are a little on the shorter side you could be cramped for room.  I would recommend going for the larger model (the 370) if both paddlers are over 5 6" tall.

My Opinion of the Sea Eagle Inflatable Canoe

In my opinion both the Sea Eagle 330 and the Sea Eagle 370 are a great buy.  They are not top of the line but they are good quality and ideal for many types of paddling as well as fishing and traveling.  I think if you are a beginner paddler you will be quite happy with these canoes.

When doing your research compare the specs, prices and design of the different canoe models on the market as well as read reviews if possible.  This will give you some good insight as to which model will suit your needs best.

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Review of the Sea Eagle Inflatable Canoe

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This article was published on 2011/05/04