Angela Gheorghiu In The Deep Sea

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The night was dark upon the beach that evening. It being of such darkness as to provide one with the image that light did not exist upon the earth apart from what stars and moon yielded yet in all silhouettes become all the more clear. It being as if moonlight could trace in silver that which it struck to highlight its form in the luminosity of magnificence.

The night was also one of sound in which wave after wave struck the beach with repetitive resonance of advancing to return with equal force on to land yet soothing was its rhythm. As if attempting to bring about in souls the tranquility which often leads to slumber or the contemplation of that which is beyond contact with the sense of sight. This prompting my ideas to envision my Angela Georghiu in all our activities which had comprised not only the touch of our flesh upon the others but the mingling of our emotions; as to make all senses take flight in fantasy of all they felt.

Yes, Angela Gheorghiu and I had been lovers for some time and though this nobody but her and I knew; ours was one of total desire. It being driven by almost fierce longing to simply devour upon the other in all forms permitted by the laws of nature to not only body but emotions, mind, spirit and all that comprise the human being. How long I waited I remember not yet time did not pass in despair for there was something soothing about simply being amongst the waves of the sea which filled my hopes even beyond that which I had arrived with.

As for Angela and I, though we had been involved in acts of carnality never had she encountered me upon occasion on which I was not expected. All of which making this the very first time such an appointment would take place. Angela would be in complete ignorance of my intensions until they as well as my hands were upon her body like the heat of the night itself. The thought even filled my mind with glee as visions forced themselves upon my imagination as did the mist of evening upon this very beach which I found myself on.

It was as if painted upon Van Gogh’s canvas yet it was Angela Gheorghiu’s appearance which made all come to collision of fantasy and reality. It being my Angela who entered the scene in the night as if a spirit from the mist. My Angela being adorned with a white robe as she walked down the beach as if a swan gliding upon a lake. Angela so delicate in her steps which left slight traces on pure sand as her feet but caressed the ground it did not take the trouble to tread upon but stroked much in the way she at times had done my being.

Angela as ballerina as she removed robe with grace to leave her sensually potent body exposed to the glimmer of stars and moonlight reflected from white sand below. It was my Angela Gheorghiu, this I claim with all certainty as I observed in awe as her body seemed to attract all of moon’s attentions on to majestic breasts and limbs of deity of sensuality. All wonders about to include mountains and creations of earth apparently but back drops on to her as light drew line of tender bottom on lady exquisite. All as if my very fantasies were being exposed on to myself from what my own perception had never been able to obtain yet reality was coming about from deep wishes.

Angela seeming as if angel of dark light in a dream of dreadful reality as her dark mane seemed to have created a star of its own from light above. How my Angela was beautiful that night was of wonder to behold as light a blue seemed to dress her nudity to form creation of fashion from the flesh of her womanhood. Angela posing for a second or two as if pausing the universe itself before venturing in to the waves of the sea which awaited for siren of my passions.

This being my moment to advance on to my desires as I saw Angela enter the waters of the sea till they dared venture to grace upon her knees. Was it her mind being filled with thoughts of distraction or the now battering of the waves; this I was not aware of yet I did manage to take her by surprise. It being with stealth that I approached and laid touch upon her tender waist with delicate caress of feather but gliding down her skin of delicacy.

Violent was her reaction! As if I had forced her outside a world of her mind as hand from her slapped my chest with force while eyes turned to inflict further casualty upon intruder as was I. Angela’s stare came with hate yet as it made me out, affection took force beyond previous emotions to tenderness as she with smile welcomed. Joy was about as with arms she embraced with warmth he who but held her in moment not requiring words of sounds but those of emotions.

Angela’s hair upon my face and shoulder as if the most soothing of all touches yet as hands of mine strode to tenderness of bottom; instinct took over to with determination grab her with tempered strength. It being in our wills that I laid her upon her back on the shallow waters of the sea which like a bed permitted her to lay as we floated on to deeper waters. It being her legs of delight which engulfed me as our eyes but took in the others glare as the waves passed us in our task of moving toward waters of greater depth. Angel’s fingers playing in my hair as I with tongue of hunger licked her belly while with legs on ground I pushed our presence to where sea no longer provided me with the luxury of being able to stand on firm ground.

It being at this point that we both started to float as if serving as raft to each other that our activities might take on way of eroticism. Angela as angel floating on her back with arms extended in act of flapping them while I with legs propelled us father yet my intentions were other. It being as our bodies glided that I with speed of passion and choice of lust overtook all decisions mind and simply rushed my root upon my Angela’s rose. This such a quick stroke that I caught both of us of guard as with slickness I entered my Angela in a fashion which initiated our act of sensuality.

We were making love as we had many times yet contrary to the past we were lying on the seas. It being there that our bodies both floated and submerged as if we were in mid air and were not limited by boundaries of physics on our movements. My root taking wishes upon my Angela’s rose as our waves dictated on to us its force to compel our elation to further limits. All of which adding vigor on my entrances upon my Angel’s paradise as my root with verve imitated sea which became uneasy as if rushed by our tempest of desire.

Angela’s eyes looking upon me with fierce announcements of wildness as her legs held me with the force I had grown to adore as much as her temperament of grand diva. All as if dream in contours and shades of dark light to yield nay colors but motions. It being than that Angela’s gaze gave away the wit of her femininity. As Angela with devilish flare took us even further out to sea where once arrived she turned us over like a capsized boat. Angela taking the top, to be on me like a kayak. Deeply did Angela descend upon my root with her rose as I but floated us on my back with arms spread that we might not sink. My arms in fact serving as oars that we might sail while Angela in frenzy rode upon my trusts.

Angela and I have always been ones to never cease to surprise the other or at least attempt to do so. This factor motivating Angela to grab on to my arms as she with skin wet in waters a cold wrapped herself around me in action which made us fall on to the depths of the sea below. This while her rose had not yet ceased to hold my root in an act of performing dance of underwater desire. We were submerged fully in the waters of sea with beauty all about to include life of a completely different variety yet we were to ourselves the beauty to behold and feel. As our carnality had gone to levels were gravity and status no longer held value as they changed with whim as easily as our bodies shifted with our imaginations. Reality had been transformed beyond all our concepts of gravity as my root was constantly being protected by Angela’s paradise which like a cave of security held me as my Angela and I continued to engage the other in sexuality.

Angela and I had made love many times before yet in all what held highest esteem on to us was not anything our bodies did but the way our eyes caught and never left the others. It being as if our dread was that without the touch of our sights all else would break apart and though we might be strong in our physical bond; nothing would be possible. Our eyes communicating that which surpassed words or even passion. It venturing to our deepest emotions which had to be felt to be grasped in any form and it was our eyes that transmitted them. All of which giving me a freighting yet at the same time lovely feeling that we could touch each other’s inner being through our eyes. Truths were all we saw with anything else being but wasteful in time since they would be detected at the sight. Our eyes being more crucial underwater since words of mouth held even less significance in this world which we had entered yet our moment was brief. Air was needed and as we raised ourselves for it, our bodies collided in determination of needs; as eyes matched wonder of our moment to be repeated through out the night. 

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Angela Gheorghiu In The Deep Sea

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Angela Gheorghiu In The Deep Sea

This article was published on 2011/08/24